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Simplifying all the noise about health, so you reach your goals.

Movement and eating rituals designed to help you  become the best version of yourself.

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We meet you where you are and build a life-changing, body-altering, soul-transforming lifestyle to co-create amazing possibilities.


Once your mind is right your body will follow. Raising the awareness of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the healthiest version of yourself starts by focusing on daily gratitude and rituals that will improve your relationship with yourself.


Putting the personal back in personal training. Striving toward wholeness and a fuller life while being on a quest for character, virtue, beauty and discipline. An intelligent movement that employs a mind and body connection.


Food is your best source of medicine. Eating real food while removing and limiting processed foods can heal and restore your body. Guidance on sustainable, holistic eating, cooking, and shopping.

What makes Personal Fitness Navigators so different?

At PFN Studio, we take a holistic approach to health. Whether you're looking to lose weight, compete in a race, change careers, reduce stress, or simply feel better, PFN can help you achieve your goals by working to improve all of the parts that make you whole. We approach your health from all aspects of in order to not only achieve it, but make lasting results.



Learn techniques to discover your goals and how to achieve them, the value in living presently, and skills to balance your chakras and yin and yang energies.


Learn the proper mechanics of breathing and the importance of it. Discover breathing techniques to reduce pain, increase concentration, and decrease stress.


Learn techniques to heal your metabolism, remove toxins and increase nutrient absorption. Discover Metabolic Typing® and the correct mixture of food (fuel) for your body to increase energy.


Learn the effects of limited sleep and techniques to improve your sleep quality without even increasing the quantity.


Learn the effects of dehydration and techniques to improve your hydration by more than simply sipping H2O.


Learn techniques to improve your posture, exercises to move stuck energy, and the importance of working in versus working out.

"training with Rokki and the lessons I learned from Asegedech, allowed me to drop 35 lbs. and gain life change perspectives regarding my health. If you need a transformation reach out to these fine professionals; you won’t regret it!"


"when I walk out of PFN I feel successful, energized by workout and the energy of the space"


"Today my dreams are coming true because of how fitness motivated me and allowed me to, believe and feel that I could do and be whatever I wanted."


"The freedom to choose between these two options is the manifestation of our intent, the power of choice"

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

What’s my investment?  

What would you call an investment that involves no risk, requires little to start, is available equally to those who are financially sophisticated and those just starting, grows more valuable each and every year, is a proven career booster and can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra savings over a lifetime? We call it good health.

Fitness session with Rokki


30 min session

Workout with Rokki! Personalized Workout at the comfort of your home or come to the studio. Learn more about rokki 


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BEMER PEMF therapy


initial 3 sessions

 Optimizing your bodies performance with BEMER PEMF therapy, you can enhance microcirculation throughout your body. 


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1:1 nutrition sessions With Asegedech


initial 3 sessions

Transform your health through personalized eating rituals.  Work 1:1 with Asegedech. Learn more about Asegedech. 


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