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about team Jan 12, 2022

With over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Rokki used her past to help develop her take on the future of gyms. Rokki's passion is building relationships, educating, and growing a community that truly understands the importance of one's health. Rokki had a specific vision of developing Personal Fitness Navigators. The mindset was to go back to the basics. (Less is more) Rokki didn't want machines on top of machines. Rokki designed her studio to revolve around open functional space and using equipment for multiple purposes. No matter your background or goal, Rokki meets you where you are. Rokki is dedicated to meeting her clients' personal, physical fitness challenges. President of Personal Fitness Navigators, Rokki, specializes in putting the "Personal" back into Personal Training. Rokki is Nationally Licensed Personal trainer and Nutritionist. Rokki Bonner is someone passionate about using fitness to impact 1 million + lives in a positive way. She has expanded on her mission through her social enterprise Fit to Navigate, which empowers women affected by the criminal justice system. Learn more about her social enterprise at

Rokki is also the host of the Podcast Mind Body Gem, and that's GEM is a conversational podcast where we believe cultivating the mind, movement of the body, showing more love and compassion, especially for ourselves, aligns us with our purpose, and we become the GEM we are designed to be.

It all started with a framework of how fitness saved my life and expanded to advocate for women and communities impacted by the criminal justice system. 


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