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What if exercise was for striving toward wholeness?

movement insight Apr 07, 2018

A fuller life while being a quest for character, virtue, beauty, and pleasure. The point of the intelligent exercise is full embodiment of that, a commitment to working out the body and the mind together. 
We look to the ancient Greeks, who saw fitness as the way to push themselves physically and mentally and to reap the rewards of that effort. “This is the Greek lesson,” “What we get out of the gym is more than a buffed body — it is a more refined version of ourselves.” The focus is on movement, teaching clients to be fully aware of how their body is positioned. The goal is mindful alignment at all times. It takes effort, but thinking about how you sit, stand, walk, do squats or ride a bike can help you gain a better sense of how your body works while maximizing exercise. Ask yourself: What exactly are you working out? Why are you working out? What are your muscles for?

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